Sundaville® plant

Brings you happiness!

Could it be the sparkling sunshine, the occasional refreshing shower, the gentle breeze or the tender loving care that we devote to our cuttings? Whatever the reason, Sundaville® will add summer to your life! As the name suggests, Sundaville® conjures up that special summer feeling: happy, care-free, innocent times, enjoying hot days and sultry evenings in the garden, on the patio or the balcony.

Sundaville® is an uncomplicated, unassuming and undemanding  plant that brings you summer every day. So, it’s not just a pretty face: Sundaville® will make you smile. Maybe that’s why consumers  love Sundaville® so much. In any case, it’s why we, the Sundaville® team, want to share the Sundaville® experience with everyone.  That’s why we say: Sundaville® brings you happiness!


6 reasons why Sundaville® is

Simply the best

You have probably heard the brand name Sundaville® being mistakenly used as the general name for the mandevilla. And even though every Sundaville® is a mandevilla, certainly not ever mandevilla is a Sundaville®. You might wonder: does that really matter? Well, yes! Sundaville’s have some unique attributes that makes them superior in quality to those of any other mandevilla brand.

How to care for a Sundaville®

1. Big flowers

Wow! Have you ever seen a mandevilla with such large flowers? The flowers of Sundaville® are blooming jewels and will make every day a wonderful one.

2. User friendly

The big advantage of Sundaville® is that it needs very little water. Easy peasy! Water your Sundaville® about once a week, but don’t worry if you forget. It is not necessary to remove the spent flowers from your Sundaville®, the plant takes care of that all by itself.

3. Suitable for every climate

Sundaville® is rain resistant and also very suitable for colder climates such as in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. But Sundaville® also likes it in warmer climates, she is also sun-resistant.

Sundaville® Lemon

4. Striking colours

The colour palette in which Sundaville® is available is endless! And what’s more, the flowers are colourfast. This means that from the beginning of the season until the end, you can enjoy the intense flower colour. By combining different colours of Sundaville’s®, you can create a beautiful play of colours in your garden!

5. Rich flowering

The flowers of Sundaville® continue to bloom well into autumn. Enjoy wonderful, large and softly scented trumpet flowers that give a great summer feeling anywhere and anytime.

mandevilla hardy

6. World's no.1 brand

Sundaville® is the first, largest and best known brand in mandevilla. If you choose Sundaville®, you are assured of a beautiful plant that will give you months of pleasure.The official branding of Sundaville is specially designed to tell you the full story behind the Sundaville collection and to let you experience the warm feelings and special characteristics that Sundaville evokes.


How it all started

In 2003 MNP / Suntory released a real revolution in the horticultural industry with Sundaville® Red, the first truly red mandevilla, which has excellent branching and rich flowering.  Sundaville® is a very strong plant for outdoor use in tubs and  baskets. This mandevilla needs very little water and gives an exuberant flower show all through the summer. It’s also a very low-maintenance, user-friendly plant for everyone! Many have tried and are still trying but none have managed to copy the appearance and perfect qualities of Sundaville®. We are very proud of our achievements and since there can only be one true Sundaville®, we have produced a certificate of authenticity. Always buy the one and only Sundaville®, the no.1 mandevilla (dipladenia) on the market. Sundaville® varieties provide you with an extended flowering season and require very little maintenance.

Sundaville®, mandevilla or dipladenia?

Contrary to what you sometimes read on (gardening) blogs, in magazines or on the websites of retailers. Below the true story in short. For the long version click here!


Mandevilla, a member of the dogbane or Apocynaceae family. Mandevilla is named for Henry Mandeville, a British diplomat and plant explorer who discovered it while serving in Argentina in the early 1800s. It originally was put into the genus Dipladenia (Dipladenia splendens) and is still sometimes sold under that name, but it was reclassified as Mandevilla in the mid-19th century…


They may be related, but dipladenia and mandevilla have aesthetic differences. Dipladenia is botanically in the mandevilla genus, but they used to be separate. When plants get renamed, it’s hard for growers, gardeners, and everyone else to catch up.” The two names are commonly used interchangeably, like rocktrumpet but there are some differences between the plants. Dipladenia, for example…



Sundaville® is a official & worldwide registered trademark and brandname from the Dutch / Japanese introducer and breeder MNP / Suntory. It’s head office is situated in Leimuiderbrug (Aalsmeer) The Netherlands. Other smaller and less well known mandevilla brands are Rio, Diamantina & Bella. If you want to buy a real Sundaville® mandevilla, check the official branded plant label…


When you think about Sundaville®, you think of the shining sun, happiness and freedom. You feel the warmth on your skin as you stroll through the streets of atmospheric old Ibiza city in your white  linen clothes. That’s the feeling you’ll experience with Sundaville®.

The brand fits well with what the plant radiates, it sounds cheerful and warm. That’s Sundaville®! In addition, the playfulness of the plant can be seen in the playful letters in the logo that differ in height.

The appearance of the Sundaville® brand is designed around the bohemian style. Dream, discover the world, enjoy nature and everything it gives you. Decorate yourself with cheerful clothing and bright and colourful flowers, the Sundaville®. Life is a party!

When you think of the bohemian style, you quickly think of Ibiza, hippies, dream catchers, lots of colour and the feeling of freedom. These aspects are reflected in all graphic elements and images that we use for Sundaville®. To ensure the high standards of the brand, we only add new plants to the Sundaville® collection when they have the same qualities and match the bohemian style as the other varieties.

Fun facts

Did you know...

mandevilla hardy

Fact 1.

Mandevilla was discovered in 1840 by Henry Mandeville in the rainforest north of Brazil. So she has been around for a while.

care Sundaville®

Fact 2.

Sundaville® is the oldest, biggest and most famous brand in mandevilla. You can not miss her!

The world of Sundaville®

Fact 3.

Do you have green fingers? Then try to take cuttings from your Sundaville®! So you can continue to expand your collection or surprise someone else with a mini-Sundaville®.

Fact 4.

No stress! You can easily go on holiday for a few weeks without having to worry about your Sundaville®. She can easily go a few weeks without water.

Fact 5.

You can also enjoy Sundaville® indoors.If you give her a nice, sunny spot on, for example, your windowsill, she will delight you with her beauty for months to come.


Fact 6.

Would you like to enjoy Sundaville® again next year? Then let your plant hibernate in a warm, dry place.