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Winter & cold climates

Yes, very much so. Because of its hardiness and resistance to rain and cold, Sundaville® is also suitable for colder climates. Always make sure that excess water can drain from the pot, the roots do not like to stand in water.

Sundaville® (Mandevilla or Dipladenia) can withstand low temperatures well, even down to -1°C. On the other hand, Sundaville® is not hardy and therefore does not tolerate severe frosts. With a lot of love, good care and dedication you can let Sundaville® overwinter in a frost-free place.

At a temperature of about 5 to 8 °C, it is best to let your Sundaville overwinter inside in a light and frost-free place. Make sure that the temperature does not drop below 10°C. At night it may be a few degrees cooler, but not colder than 5 °C. Make sure that the plant is not exposed to draughts, so avoid places near an open window. Water Sundaville® sparingly in winter and do not spray the leaves. From March and April when the Sundaville gets new growth shoots, it is good to give the plant more water again. As soon as the temperature rises significantly (from April and May), the Sundaville can go outside again!

You probably overwatered Sundaville® or couldn’t drain the excess water properly. This causes the leaves to turn a yellow color. You can solve this as follows. If the water is not absorbed and/or drained properly, the roots of the plant will ‘drown’. So make sure you have a permeable pot with a saucer underneath or add extra soil.

Good to know

There is much confusion about the difference between these three names. Previously, the Mandevilla was known as the Dipladenia. From the year 1900, Dipladenia became very popular in Europe and a second name for the plant was created. The larger variants were then called Mandevilla and the smaller and more ‘bushy’ variants retained the name Dipladenia. Now botanists have reclassified the entire range as Mandevilla. Sundaville® is a registered trademark of hybrids of the Mandevilla Sanderi, bred by the Japanese breeder Suntory Flowers Ltd.

Sundaville® like all Mandevilla / Dipladenia produces a milky latex sap that is primarily toxic to most in the plant group Apocynaceae. This liquid is very sticky and can cause skin irritation. So keep the plant away from small children and wear gloves when cutting it back.

Space & care

Yes, Sundaville® actually feels most comfortable in the sun. Originally from Central and South America, the Mandevilla is used to tropical conditions there.

Beginning in late April, you can fertilize Sundaville® in a plant pot with a slow-release fertilizer (e.g., Oscomote). Such a fertilizer is often suitable for a whole growing season.

You determine the size of the pot in coordination with what you want to do and how much surface area you want to cover with the plant. The pot size and the size of the plant are related. So the bigger the plant, the bigger the pot. So a small compact plant you put in a small pot. You may want to repot the plant in the spring to a slightly larger pot with fresh and nutritious tub plant soil around the old root ball.

The plant pioneers

MNP / Suntory

Sundaville® is a worldwide registered trademark from Suntory Flowers Ltd. (Japan). Selected, introduced & marketed by MNP / Suntory (The Netherlands).

Since 1989 MNP / Suntory (renowned ‘Moerheim New Plant‘ and before that ‘Koninklijke Kweekerij Moerheim’ (Royal Nursery Moerheim) is managing the European rights and is master licensee for all Suntory® genetics.

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