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Potting soil + nutrition 20L for Sundaville®

This Sundaville® soil with nutrients is the perfect base for your mandevilla. In our nursery, this potting soil is also used for the cultivation of mandevilla's. The potting soil is RHP certified, which means that you buy a good and fair product. A guarantee of quality and safety. In addition, a long-acting manure has been added to the potting soil in the form of Osmocote. These are coated fertilizer granules that slowly release the nutrients throughout the season, so that your Sundaville® does not have to be fertilized during the entire outdoor season. This potting soil is also very suitable for other tub and terrace plants.

Hydro granules 10L for Sundaville®

These Sundaville® hydro granules in combination with the potting soil are the best basis for your mandevillas. Hydro granules are perfect as a basis for your planters. This is due to the perfect properties of hydro grains. It ensures that too much water is absorbed and a shortage of water is released at the root. As a result, the plant is less likely to experience stress from too much or too little water. In addition, hydro grains also provide oxygen to the roots. Due to oxygen at the roots, nutrients are better absorbed and the plant will grow better. Our hydro granules are available in 10 liter bags, how much you need depends on the size of the pot. Use hydro granules for about 20% of the content of the pot.

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