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Climbing set for Sundaville®

With the Sundaville® climbing set you get more out of your mandevilla. With this set you can further expand the bamboo rack so that the plant can grow faster. The set consists of clips and sticks in different sizes, always a solution for your plant. The Sundaville® we sell have already fully grown. With this set you can further expand the bamboo rack so that the plant can grow faster. Sundaville® is a climbing plant by nature and will grow faster if it has enough support to go up. This product consists of bamboo sticks of 35cm and 50cm that you can attach with clips to the current racks that are used during cultivation. You can also attach two 50cm poles to each other, giving you an extra height of approx. 1m. This is more than enough for the entire season. All clips are made of high-quality recycled plastic and can last several years.

Contents of the box

  • bamboo sticks of 35cm
  • 6 bamboo sticks of 50cm
  • 24 large attachment clips for the bamboo poles
  • 24 small mounting clips for the plant

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Red, white or pink… What colour flower makes you happy? With the mandevillas from the Sundaville® collection you imagine yourself in a Mediterranean atmosphere.

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A Sundaville® in a pot, climbing against a wall or rack or hanging in a basket? Something for everyone!

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