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Sundaville® Double Blush Pink 24cm (pyramid XL)

"World's first double flowered Mandevilla" The Sundaville® Double Blush Pink 26cm (pyramid xl) is an exotic garden plant of origin, with colourful trumpet-shaped flowers. With a height of approximately 1 meter, the XL tower is a real eye-catcher in a garden, a balcony or a terrace. The pink colour of the flowers gives a cheerful and summery look. The plant shines with non-stop bloom and growth from early spring to late autumn. The climbing plant grows upwards nicely with help from the bamboo tower.

“Double is always better” Behold gardening fanatics and floricultural enthusiasts! Here it is! Like the old Dutch masters it’s a true piece of art. World’s first truly double-flowered Mandevilla. What did you say?! Yes, you heard it right! It’s the world’s first truly double-flowered Mandevilla. The Sundaville® Double Blush Pink. Remember its name because it will bring you double happiness in the near future! Sundaville Double Blush Pink……..