Yippie, you plan to make yourself or someone else happy with Sundaville®! But, what should you pay attention to when purchasing this tropical garden bloomer? We are happy to help you make the perfect choice.

First of all, pay attention to spotting the Sundaville® label when shopping. This can often be found on the label that is attached to the plant. The Sundaville® label ensures that you buy a high-quality plant that you can enjoy for months on end. In addition, it is important that you think carefully about the size of the pot.

Do you have enough space in your garden or balcony? Then choose a somewhat larger pot size. Prefer a plant that stays a bit more compact? Then choose a smaller plant, for example in a 13cm pot.

When purchasing Sundaville® you can also look at the number of flowers and buds the plant has. The more flowers and buds, the more fun! Of course, the plant will produce new buds and flowers all summer long, especially if you treat it with some extra plant food every now and then.

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