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Power cone 12 pieces for Sundaville®

These handy nutrient cones are the ideal nutrient base for your Sundaville® and ensure exuberant growth and flowering of the plant. The food cones provide sufficient nutrition for the entire mandevilla season. Sundaville® long-acting food cones are handy food cones for your Mandevillas and other balcony and patio plants. These long-acting cones are sufficient for the entire Mandevilla season. With 1x feeding, you have no less than 8 to 9 months of nutrition! For the best results, stop these nutrient cones when repotting or repotting the Mandevillas. The number of cones used depends on the diameter of the pot.

Contents of the product

  • 12 pieces
  • QR code with instructions for use


Pots of 15 cm: 1 cone. Pots of 20cm: 2 cones. Pots of 25cm: 4 cones. Pots of 35cm and more: 8 cones.