The sun is showing more and more, time for spring fever! The month of May is the perfect time to put the flowers out. Surprise your patio this season with the floral splendor of Sundaville®. This colorful powerhouse is widely available from this month at your favorite garden centers, florist, hardware store or supermarket. Do you prefer convenience? Sundaville® is even for sale online!

Did you know that Sundaville® is available in many shapes, sizes and shapes? This way you can get started like a true landscaper and choose your favorite Sundaville® and create the ultimate summer terrace.

Are you going for a cozy hanging plant or do you prefer a big eye-catcher on your terrace? Put different Sundaville® together and create a wonderful summer vibe in your backyard.

One thing is for sure, you will enjoy it well into the fall, without too much effort. Sundaville® is perfectly suited for the Northern European climate, which means that it can survive a heavy rain shower. Always make sure that excess water can run out of the pot, so you can be sure that the roots of your Sundaville® will not rot. Sundaville® is also no problem in a hot summer. Due to her tropical roots, she is used to warmth and a lot of sunshine. The sun gives her extra strength to produce extra flowers.

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